Shop Spotlight: Trek Superstore

Shop Name: Trek Superstore(Albuquerque, NM)

Why They Recycle Tubes: Here at the shop, we’re all conscious of the environment and strive to keep ourselves as green as possible. Here in the desert, we really know how to go through tubes. When they reach the end of their day, we feel the best thing to do is give them a great new life with the kind folks over at Alchemy Goods. We love what they do and their products are great! We’d also like to thank goat-heads and many other vicious plans of the desert Southwest for making our contribution possible.

About the Shop: Here at the Trek Bicycle Superstore, we strive for a high level of customer satisfaction. Our staff is the friendliest in town because we know the value of our customers and the community. We’re together in this! Our staff is a mixture of all tube sizes, from Road, Mountain, Cross and BMX. Tubes are one of the highest selling items in the southwest. All hail the Puncture Vine.

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