Shop Spotlight: Ernie’s Bicycles

Shop Name: Ernie’s Bicycles(Massillon, OH)

Staff Bios:

  • Front row from left to right:
  • Foster, Lorena, and Ernie. Back row left to right: John, Alex, and Joe.
  • Don’t forget Debbie (Ernie’s wife) taking the picture!
  • Who’s also not in the picture: Wayne and Ernie Jr.

Why they recycle: The trash going to the landfills has been bothering Ernie for as long as he can remember. Ernie, as well as the rest of us were VERY happy to find a place to send our tubes and keep them out of the trash. We have a great team that really believes in keeping the environment clean, so it wasn’t hard to get them involved. What we took away from this campaign is how many tubes we have thrown away since 1978, it’s sickening. Hopefully that won’t be the case any longer. We will definitely continue to collect tubes.

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