Shop Spotlight: The Bear Mountain

Store Name: TheBear Mountain(Waco, TX)

Staff Bios:

From left to right:

  • Grayson Meek: Loves to bike and be active
  • Bob Simonette: Endurance road rider and loves long walks on the beach
  • Don Ickles: Ultra-marathon cyclist and the Iceman
  • Matthew Bates: The head honcho and all around cycling guru
  • Joel Allen: Seminary student and outdoor enthusiast
  • Brandon Blagg: The owner and long time retro-grouch
  • Jacob Creighton: Wrench, canoe racer and mountain bike king (not pictured)

Why they joined the Tube Collection Challenge: We joined the tube campaign because we couldn’t stand throwing away our tubes and knowing they were just going to a landfill. We jumped at the chance to help turn bike waste into something useful and help the earth out, just a little bit! It was a win-win!

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